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During a three-year transition period (2013-2015), the previous DFG-funded special subject collections were transferred to the new "Specialised Information Services" funding programme.

Transfer of Special Subject Collections to the "Specialised Information Services" Programme (DFG)

この "Special Subject Collections" は SSG に対応する英語名称。SSGが別のプログラムになったということか……。"Specialised Information Services" に対応するドイツ語名称は Fachinformationsdienste für die Wissenschaft (FID) っぽい。


A total of 21.2 million euros for expansion of literature and information provision at research libraries / Completion of restructuring of former special subject collections
The new specialised information services will serve a wide spectrum of subject areas (humanities and social sciences, geosciences) as well as specific research regions. In contrast to the former "special subject collections" at German libraries, the aim of specialised information services is not to assemble and archive as complete a collection of publications as possible, but to take into account the different research needs of individual disciplines, which is where additional services come into play.

DFG Supports 21 New Specialised Information Services (DFG. 2015-12-21)

このあたりも関係情報。2つ目の "Bye-bye SSG, hello FID!" は分かりやすくてよい。

坂本氏のCA1828を読んだときに「やや形を変えてはいるが」という点が引っかかったのだけど、このことだったのかな。記事執筆時には transition は始まっていただろうし。


CA1828 - ドイツにおける、電子ジャーナルの戦略的な供給・流通の動向 / 坂本 拓

# まあ、いずれにせよ今回の訪問先でSSG/FIDに関係しているのはゲッティンゲンだけだ。